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No matter what industry your're in, we're in the business of helping you choose the right products for your operation.

Get Imported Puerto Rican Products

Our comprehensive inventory of wholesale Puerto Rican products is part of the reason why Latin grocery stores and regional grocery stores trust us in Atlanta, Georgia.

Whether you want Puerto Rican candies, coffee, spices, sodas, hot sauces, seasonings, or households, we can bring them to you without any problem.

We constantly add more products to our inventory so that you can run expand
your selection of Caribbean products for your business.


We collaborate with manufacturers in Puerto Rico to bring you the most authentic and best quality products. We focus on selecting the best quality Puerto Rican spices and products for your restaurant.

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Coffee Community

Coqui Markets has been supplying the Coffee Community with the best coffees from Puerto Rico since 2017, and will continue to serve our towns and cities until the last drop. Beyond our catalog of trusted brands, we are working tirelessly to offer specialty coffee from the Puerto Rico.

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Grocery Stores

At Coqui Markets, we are dedicated to bringing you the best service and prices to remain competitive in your market.

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Imported directly just for your business

There aren’t many food importers that are as connected as us regarding Puerto Rican products. We know how delectable and tasty Puerto Rican and Latin food is, and that is why we ensure to only stock authentic Puerto Rican products and Latin wholesale products. We have been in the industry for several years and are more than
happy to help your business select the best Puerto Rican products.


Whether you’re an established store or opening your first retail location, we’re here to help you grow your business. Our dedicated team delivers products and partnership to supermarkets, convenience stores and more.

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With our deep inventory and broad selection of products, we can help ensure your foodservice needs are met, all while helping your business.

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Our Company

We are committed to providing you with exceptional customer service and ship our products throughout the United States. No matter where your grocery store or restaurant may be located, you can trust Coqui Markets to accommodate all your needs. We can help stock your store with delectable Puerto Rican products and thrive in the community by offering people the best Puerto Rican and Latin products. We will also help you with the logistics.

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