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About us

Who we are

We are Coqui Markets, a small but motivated company specializing in regional brands/products from Puerto Rico. Our passion for brands from the Island of Enchantment, means that we provide our customers nothing but the highest quality of products made locally in Puerto Rico. We started as a small business in Atlanta, Georgia in 2018, and we’ve come a long way, so we know exactly which direction to take when supplying our customer needs including those in the restaurant and Hispanic groceries business. Our aim is to continue providing our customers with products that keep them happy and bring back memories from Puerto Rico. Not only we have the trendiest products, but we can also guarantee that they are of the finest quality.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be the top distributor of groceries to independent and chain stores in United States.


In order to reach that goal we strive to:

  • Profitably serve groceries stores  with the best service
  • Provide Excellent service to independent and chain grocery stores
  • Provide a wide array of Hispanic and Puerto Rican  products
  • Understand our customers' needs and wants
  • Strong commitment to technology 100% customer satisfaction
  • Focus on our community and give back

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a leader in the distribution and merchandising of Puerto Rican products by satisfying consumers and promoting the success of our clients, our community, and our organization.